Thursday, 10 April 2008


Good morning hope everyone is well. Today I would like to blog about friendship and how important it is in the overall scheme of things.

I have many many great friends, in fact I cannot say that anyone I know I do not class as a friend. They come in all sorts of guises, friends you moan with, friends you cry with, friends you gossip with, friends you enjoy spending time out with and of course friends that you share your most inner most secrets with.

I go through life making friends in all sorts of places, through my hobbies, through school, through work and because basically I will talk to anyone !!!! and you know I love you all. My biggest worry though, about friends that is, is that I don't have enough time to speak to all of you everyday and I worry that they think, i forget about you, or maybe that I am a bit cheesed off with you (don't worry about that dear friends of mine I would soon let you know that bit lol !!!), its such a worry to me sometimes, in fact it does keep me awake when I think someone may need a cheery word from me to lift them or a friendly ear to moan into when they are cheesed off with something and I have not rung, emailed or texted to say hi how are you x

I try my best everyday to contact as many friends as I can, to offer support, to gossip, or just to chat about our general everyday lives its great, I really can chat as most of you know , I love to talk to every single one of you even if it is a load of nonsense that I chat about and tell my worries to, and hope that somewhere in the conversation I cheer you up and make you feel happy because after all is that what friendship is about to make someone feel happy when they are feeling low and to help them see that you can make something good out of something bad a positive outlook makes all the difference xxxx

Family are great but it is true what they say you cannot choose your family but you can choose your friends. I am lucky that I do have a very supportive family but you know they are sprinkled far and wide as most of our families are and I think possibly because I have such a big family I like to have a really big group of friends whom I can trust and turn to in times of worry joy and sadness.

So I would like to thank each and everyone of you for being my friend, for supporting me, putting up with my incessant chatting and rambling, putting up with my obvious favorite topic in the whole world EUAN ! and my obsession with spending money on everything crafty or otherwise and to let you all know that whilst I am at Ally Pally working like a little dervish I will be thinking of you all and NOT spending any money !!!!!!!!