Sunday, 23 March 2008


What a lovely day we have had. I was awoken by Euan jumping on my bed and telling me to look out of my bedroom window, which obviously I had not choice but to do lol. And what a lovely sight greeted me. Obviously we had to get dressed and get out to run around the garden like a devish to try and be the first one to make footprints in the lovely crisp snow. And then whilst I made breakfast and let the girls out Matthew and Euan set about making the snowman while Oliver, Victor and Phil had a snowball fight, boys will be boys, goodness knows what the neighbours thought !
And this afternoon, nearly all the snow has gone so after a lovely Roast dinner we sat in front of the fire eating lovely chocolate eggs and watched the best film in the world The Wizard of Oz, I love it and yes I know all the words to the songs too so we all had a good sing song.

Euan is still up watching telly, its 9 O Clock and he tells me he is staying up until he falls asleep so we could be hear a while !!!!!! And it is snowing again so maybe more snowmen tomorrow hurray. Happy Easter to you all and hope you have had as lovely day as we have xxxxx

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Well hello everyone, how long has it been, too long I suspect. Things have been absolutely manic over the last few weeks for me and I have not had time to do a little blogging.

My little man has been suffering a little bit over the last few days. He came home from school crying as Steven had hit him in the mouth so he had hit him back and young Jewell had told Euan off and "I had not even hit Steven first he had hit me so it was Stevens fault" what can you say to that lol, on speaking to Euan I told him really rather than hitting Steven possibly he should have gone and told a teacher but his words were "If I tell a teacher they will tell me off and think it is because I had done something and Steven would not get told off" what can you say to that, he wont go and tell anyone as he is always in trouble and they think that he is the one causing the trouble in the first place!!! Dont worry girls I have been and spoken to the Head about it I am not happy that he feels he cannot go and tell a teacher something without them thinking the worst of him, it makes me boiling mad !!!!!! If it had been the other way round you can bet your bottom dollar that Steven would have gone to a teacher and Euan would have lost goodness knows how much Golden Time for it too. There you go I feel a bit better now that I have spouted off lol.

Easter is nearly upon us and I have not even had a chance to purchase any eggs for the kids, although I have bought some for the school Easter Egg Raffle lol. I am off to do that this very afternoon. Might have to purchase a little one to nibble on whilst watching telly in front of the fire this evening oops, dont tell on me lol.

Am doing my first carboot of the year on Sunday at Barton Mills 8am to 2pm so if you have not a lot to do then will look forward to seeing you there I will be flipping burgers on the burger van, onions with that mate !!!!!

Have had the misfortune to read smackblog this week, would like to say what a load of crap they spout, just my opinion, which I am obviously entitled to as they are too.

The pic is of one of Gems daughters from I think her first litter with her first litter arnt they lovely little babies and Ruby looks just like her mummy too.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Hi Everyone hope your all well, firstly I would just like to say WELL DONE PHILLIPA you are a star passing your driving test first time CONGRATULATIONS you deserve a lovely little car like that clever girl xxxxx

Ok So today I have been to Craft Central in Horningsea to see a demo on the Cricut Expression, I am so getting the Paper Doll Dress Up Cartridge, oh my god it has Dinosaurs on it never would have not known that if I had not gone there lol. Lady doing demo was very good, although naughty naughty Craft Central where was the stock, no cutting boards, one expression and a handful of cartridges come on that's not good if your doing a Demo day on the Cricut Expression !!! Sorry.

Lovely to see you there Shirley although you looked a bit pale, hope you feel better soon xxxx I expect you will be purchasing the same cartridge as me lol, hope the papier mache went well, god help you Pete?

Am getting excited watching Crufts at the moment I cant wait to see who is best in show I love it obviously the Chihuahua is a favorite for me but would be happy with the American Cocker as well how predictable.

Will be having a busy week this week at Matts Motors. Matt bought me a lovely new filing cabinet for the office lol. And I am still filling the b....... thing must finish filling it this week, that is my aim I am so missing out on shopping and doing my ladies that lunch thing lol.

Have been playing on my Expression this afternoon,ohh there is so much you can do with it it is brilliant best crafting toy I have every bought. Am doing a new mini album for my sister deb, psycho sis as I fondly call her !!!! Its of my nephew Franklyn he is such a sweetie have done quite a bit on it using my Expression, of course.

Oh my god must tell you my Stampin Up goodies arrived this week, dont worry girls you will get yours soon, how absolutely exciting there was so much to play with cannot tell you how happy I was, have been stamping and cutting up stamps like you would not believe why oh why have I never bought those flipping scissors before they are so the best thing for cutting up those stamps, Michelle you were right I should have listened to you yonks ago it was sheer pleasure, I have no idea what I am going to get in Stampers 10 now as I think I might have most of the Stampin Up catalogue !!!!!!! Also a new Printer as my other one finally gave up the ghost and I have been totally lost without it as I love to print off photos and can at last start practising my journalling trick.
Well off to watch Best in Show come on Chihuahua speak to you all soon xxxxxxx