Wednesday, 19 March 2008


Well hello everyone, how long has it been, too long I suspect. Things have been absolutely manic over the last few weeks for me and I have not had time to do a little blogging.

My little man has been suffering a little bit over the last few days. He came home from school crying as Steven had hit him in the mouth so he had hit him back and young Jewell had told Euan off and "I had not even hit Steven first he had hit me so it was Stevens fault" what can you say to that lol, on speaking to Euan I told him really rather than hitting Steven possibly he should have gone and told a teacher but his words were "If I tell a teacher they will tell me off and think it is because I had done something and Steven would not get told off" what can you say to that, he wont go and tell anyone as he is always in trouble and they think that he is the one causing the trouble in the first place!!! Dont worry girls I have been and spoken to the Head about it I am not happy that he feels he cannot go and tell a teacher something without them thinking the worst of him, it makes me boiling mad !!!!!! If it had been the other way round you can bet your bottom dollar that Steven would have gone to a teacher and Euan would have lost goodness knows how much Golden Time for it too. There you go I feel a bit better now that I have spouted off lol.

Easter is nearly upon us and I have not even had a chance to purchase any eggs for the kids, although I have bought some for the school Easter Egg Raffle lol. I am off to do that this very afternoon. Might have to purchase a little one to nibble on whilst watching telly in front of the fire this evening oops, dont tell on me lol.

Am doing my first carboot of the year on Sunday at Barton Mills 8am to 2pm so if you have not a lot to do then will look forward to seeing you there I will be flipping burgers on the burger van, onions with that mate !!!!!

Have had the misfortune to read smackblog this week, would like to say what a load of crap they spout, just my opinion, which I am obviously entitled to as they are too.

The pic is of one of Gems daughters from I think her first litter with her first litter arnt they lovely little babies and Ruby looks just like her mummy too.


Michelle said...

aww poor Euan
give him a hug for me... lovely picture of mum and puppies too! i hope you did not eat too many eggs!

Paige said...! what are they like??
Don't eat all the Easter eggs at tesco while you're shopping for them ;)