Sunday, 27 January 2008


I have so had the best weekend. It started Thursday night when I went to Vikkis regular crop at CTM I won on the ball machine hurrah, I dread to think how many £ I have put in that machine but at last on Thursday night I had a winning ball hurray, I won a whole Bazzil alphabet, what am I going to do with it I am more than sure I will work something out lol.

Then low and behold on Friday evening Vikki rang me up and asked me if I would like to work at CTM .....................oh my god of course I do !!!!!! I must say I would not have been above begging for a job there so at least I did not have to go that far lol.

And Saturday I went to an excellent crop in Somersham, it was great I went with Michelle, Debbie, Tammo, and Carol all great friends who I have met through CTM we had a really lovely time, and we made a really nice mini book in the workshop, ate some lovely chocolates and cream cakes it was great.
I have been crafting nearly all day today as well, how bad am I, its been thoroughly enjoyable, although I have a mountain of ironing to catch up on sometime this week.
Well after taking my walk down memory lane the other day looking at my pictures I found some absolutely lovely ones for my new album that I am doing for my sister I relieved a few happy memories with Euan and the picture I have put up is Euan, Mads and Josh I call them the Blue Tongue Brigade we went to Butlins for a long weekend together over halloween and the kids loved those awful slush puppies, I dread to think what is in those things lol.
I want to say a quick thank you to Michelle for helping me out at the crop, I am so sorry for stopping you crafting so often lol, also Debbie thanks for taking me, I so would never have found the place on my own, will look forward to seeing you all next week at CTM and Shirleys Stampin Up party.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Hi everyone we are just getting over the gloomiest day of the year. Euan told me yesterday that the reason he woke up feeling a bit sad and could not concentrate all day at school was because Monday was the gloomiest day of the year according to the Newsround, god help us all, I really should not let him watch stuff like that lol. He has now cheered up and told me that today would be a much better day for him as he had an early night !!!!!

I have had two very busy days at work updating the accounts, I love it there is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing your books balancing lol.

I have an exciting week ahead of me I am off to Debbie's tomorrow night for a Stampin Up party, Crafting at CTM on Thursday and an all day crop on Saturday I cannot wait it will be excellent fun Euan is gutted he is missing out on all this crafting I have promised him a crafting day at home on Sunday just him and I and we are going to make a lovely mini book together.

The puppies are getting lovely and big now they have started eating solid food and are running around my kitchen chewing on any toes that they see fit, unfortunately as I am the one in the kitchen most I have many holy socks now and sore toes bless them !!!! Am thinking I may have to start restraining the little blighters in the puppy pen soon. Romeo has decided he hates them he cannot even bring himself to look at them, I rather suspect he is jealous of them.

I am now going to spend a bit of time looking through my photos on the computer and deciding which ones I am going to use for scrapping at the all day crop and at CTM Thursday night. I love looking through photos they bring back wonderful memories so excuse me while a take a walk down memory lane I will blog again soon xxxx

Sunday, 20 January 2008


Well what a wonderful weekend Euan and I have had, we have played, shopped and eaten party food what more could you want lol !!!
Friday I had the best day I watched the shop for Vikki at CTM while she was at Farnborough it was absolutely brilliant, I kept wandering around touching paper how sad is that!!! Euan went round to Grandads straight from school when I went to pick him up he was sat in the recliner, remote control in hand and a packet of custard creams, what a life !!!! When asked about what kind of day he had had he tells me he had only lost one minute of golden time this week which was really good cos he had twenty minutes of free play, last week he had made a personal record he told me, he had lost 16 minutes of golden time!!!!!!! What can you say lol.
Yesterday I went shopping in Milton Keynes I had intended to spend money on the Dinosaur bedding in Next for Euan, unfortunately when we got there they did not have it in store, which was obviously a great shame, so to help me get through the great sadness I felt about that I had to purchase 24 donuts from Krispy Kreme !!!! oh and of course purchase a few items of clothing oops sorry Euan !!!!!! Maybe next week!!!! I feel I should point out that I had purchased a few items of clothing before getting to Next too so ............................................... .
Today we had Madison's birthday party at Gambardos in Milton Keynes, its just like planet zoom in Ely but no bowling and bigger, do I really need to get into the 12 kids, loud music and entertainment thing !!!!!!! Euan had a great time, as always its lovely to see Mads, Joshie, Annie and Jeff, I had a lovely espresso and huge bar of Dairy Milk which got me through it quite nicely, oh and on the way home a stop at Bar Hill Tesco and a bit more Next shopping, oh god I am so bad !!!!!!!!

Monday, 14 January 2008


Sunday was good as I went on to the American Airbase with my friend and she bought me some lovely cake mixes, which I have to make for her as she hates baking !!!! Some lovely Cinnebon cakes which are scrummy and I almost forgot she took me to the craft store they have on base and it was rubbish !!!! We are so lucky to have CTM!!!

We have had a visit from our Accountant at Matt's Motors to talk us through the VAT, boring, and that's about that although Mel called in for coffee and we had a bit of a gossip.

Oh god I done something bad this morning !!!!!! I am fed up with waking Olly up in the morning he is 17 years old !!!! man he should be able to get himself out of bed, every morning I go in two or three times come on Olly up you get you will miss the bus, then who ends up running him in if he is late, yep you guessed it, me. Not that I mind I might see he his rather lush looking tutor Calvin wow !!!!!!!!

So last night I told him Wolly, that's what we call him, set your alarm I am not waking you up in the morning yeah, yeah will do is what I get ok don't forget I will not wake you up. So what do you think does he wake up, does he hell, oh god I spend all morning in a right state shall I go up NO, just make a little bit of noise outside his door NO, Wolly please wake up!!! I so nearly broke I turned the radio up really loud for the dogs, nothing, walked out the house and slammed the door, slammed the gate, turned my radio on really loud in the car with the window open so as I drove down the lane he might hear me, he had his window open oh god did I see his curtain twitch, I am so going to kill him for putting me through this !!!!!! I get to work shout at Matt ring Wolly and get him up now !!!!!! No answer oh god it was sheer torture, left it 30 minutes thank god he answered, where are you ? At college, why ? You were late getting up yeah I set my alarm Julius was picking me up at 9.30 oh my god I went through all that and he was lying in until 9 well what a plonker I felt lol!!!

So that was my day I have also started on a scrapbook page whilst cooking dinner for everyone am hoping to finish it tomorrow before I go off to Vikki's Body Shop party so may not blog tomorrow, but will do on Wednesday.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!

Well folks I so have to tell you all a story, are you sitting comfortably ........................

Once upon a time, well say around 14 years ago !!!! My husband, Colin at the time, left me for another woman boo hoo !!!!! What a meany lol. Well it happens to many woman so obviously you just get on with it although your slightly pissed off !!!!! Me, Sarah and Oliver moved back to my mum and dads.

Well obviously eventually I moved on met Matthew and hey presto we are married, our own little council house, and facing the harsh reality of having not a lot of money but hey ho that's life. Colin was quite happy to see his kids when he felt like it, not a lot of the time as it happens, but we did not care we were all quite happy as a family moving on.

Colin decided that he would give me £120 a month as Child Support, on ringing the CSA they told me that if we could come to an amicable agreement between us then that would be a lot easier, Matt and I never disagreed with it as we were more than happy to have no money from him but as he was so insistent that we should and that he said the CSA would say that that was the amount he should pay as it was the amount of Family Allowance for two children we took it (gullible I know) and I have obviously spent many years totally squandering that money on things that the kids wanted like expensive trainers, clothes and games for various consoles !!!! As obviously £120 is not really enough to feed, cloth and entertain teenagers, so Matt has obviously done most of that, without any complaint or thought.

Well would you believe 14 years on I get a letter from the CSA telling me that my payments from Colin should have dropped to £86.00 a week well obviously thinking they had that wrong I left it as that's just me lol. Then low and behold I get a barrage of letters letting me know that if I was having trouble getting this money and needed help from them to let them know about 4 letters in total and finally a letter last weekend saying that in fact as my circumstances had changed I should be getting £60.66 a week from Colin !!!! How odd as I have not contacted them about this at all, although Matt laughed and said he thought Colin had probably received the same earlier letter and had contacted them about this and probably asked them to re look, more than I had done !!!!!

Well blow me down with a feather if I don't get a cheque from Colin today for £240 I must say I am in shock, and also tempted to ring him but as I have not spoken or seen him for well over a year I have decided to take the money from him and not chase him for any back pay as apparently he should have been paying me this amount since June last year !!!!!! And obviously a lot more from previous years, I am going to use it to pay for Olly's Car Insurance and his Holiday next year as I suspect I will only be getting it until May when it is Olly's birthday but he may as well benefit from it as Matt and I don't really want it.

But can you imagine the shock perhaps its a lesson for us about being so easy going, what do you think ? I know it wont make a difference, Matt and I will go along in our own little world and nothing will change that, we cannot change life is too short which is why we never chased it up in the first place, all that mattered to us really was that the kids were happy and hopefully not too affected by all the changes in their lives.

So what a funny end to my day, which I must say had been a really nice day, waited in for my Tesco shopping until 11 am and then off to Cambridge to get some new trainers a few t shirts and some Millies cookies yum yum, off to CTM to purchase some lovely crafty products and back home to a Cheque from Colin !!!!!!!

Friday, 11 January 2008


I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the Spice girls concert was, we all had an excellent time I have never sang so loud (and out of tune) its excellent as I know all the words, sadly.

The show was great and even the journey was fun singing along to my Spice Girl CD all the was there and all the way back. The O2 stadium was great there were loads of cafes and bars and a cinema, ice rink and shops !!!!! We had fairly good seats and could see the girls really well and they were very good they did not even mime which I thought they might do, sorry girls !
I went to CTM last night and got home about 12.30 oh my god Mel and I had an absolutely great time I decided to make a mini book for Mads who is my friend Annes daughter she absolutely loves Euan so its a book about them !!!!! Will take some pictures and pop them on my slide show for you all to see.
Today the puppies had their first visitors a lovely lady call Liz and her partner Carl they found it very difficult to choose a puppy as they are all so aboslutely lovely, I am not biased, honest. They finally decided to go home and make the decision as you constantly change your mind while you look at them and they rang me to let me know they have decided on a little Dark Golden girl she is lovely.
They are growing so fast now with their little eyes open, I am going to be starting them on solid food next week which will be very messy and smelly !!!! We got woken up at 5 o clock on Wednesday morning by one of the puppies getting itself out of its little whelping pen and getting through the child gate in with the other girls, mum was not happy and neither were Matt and I they are going to be little monkeys I am sure. I will put a few pics of them on the slide show for you to see how lovely they are looking.
Will try my best to blog over the weekend am watching Jamie Oliver and his Fowl dinners and I dont think I will be buying tesco value eggs ever again !!!!!

Monday, 7 January 2008


OH MY GOD.......................I am so off to see the Spice Girls tomorrow night I cannot tell you how excited I am wow!!! I am going with two of my best friends Janice and Mel and we are going to have such a ball and I suspect my feet are going to be killing me after all the dancing we will be doing, and there is a very very vague chance, keep your fingers crossed, that I might not be able to speak on Wednesday from all the singing !!!!!!!!

Euan has discovered his new TV/DVD that he got for Christmas in his room and has decided he would like it opened and has gone off to his room to watch a DVD oh my god is this the beginning of the end lol !!!! Although he does have to come down to watch telly as he can only watch DVDs at the moment as we have no Aeriel in his room don't know if we will get one either otherwise I wont see him I am sure.

Euan went back to school today bag full of pictures of puppies to show his friends and teachers, he is so excited to tell everyone bless him even his taxi driver had to look at the photos of his puppies he is like a proud father showing off his baby ! And today when I asked him if he had had a good day and what had he been doing he actually said he had a lovely day and everyone loved his puppies, well can you believe it usually you get a shrug and nothing when you ask about the day at school.

I obviously wont be blogging tomorrow as I will be singing my heart out at the Spice Girls concert but don't worry I will tell you all about it on Wednesday.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Well its Sunday evening, back to normality tomorrow.

Euan had his first sleepover last night at his friend Donovan who is a young American boy who lives two doors down, he left the house with three bags full of pokemon cards, books, pyjamas and cuddles (well he is only 7). 2 hours later we get a phone call from Christina, Donovans mum, apologising profusely it seems that the boys had decided to warm up Euans monkey with the wheat beads in that he takes to bed with him, unfortunately rather than taking the wheat bag out of the monkey and heating it for 2 minutes they put the whole thing, monkey and all in the microwave for 10 minutes !!!!! Christina seen the flames jumping out of the monkeys rear end just in time unfortunately it was beyond repair and rather crispy !!!! Obviously I went round to see Euan as he was inconsolable after some comforting and seeing if he wanted to come home it was decided he would still like to stay!!!!! Thinking at 11pm that was it I went to bed, lovely a warm and snug I get woken up at around 12.15 unfortunately Euan was having a bit of trouble sleeping and was sat at the top of the stairs with his bags wanting to come home !!!!!! Bless obviously when he got home he had worked himself up into such a state it took a good hour to settle him, he said he had missed us and he kept thinking about that and his monkey, I think he was slightly traumatised at the sight of it with flames coming out of its rear, and could not sleep, I somehow don't think we will be repeating this exercise again poor little man.
So today we have had a very relaxed day Euan has been reading about monkeys, oh god will he ever get over this, and I have done some scrapbooking this is the only page I completed did not even get to use my gorgeous bazzil bassics In stitchz boo hoo but will do some more this week and obviously post it for you all to see.
Hope you all enjoy getting back to school tomorrow I am about to settle the boy down in his own bed and hopefully he will go straight off to sleep ready for tomorrow. Night Night mind the bugs don't bite Euey xxxxxx

Friday, 4 January 2008


What an awful thought, we get back to normality on Monday!!!! Euan goes back to school and I go back to work with Matthew much as I am looking forward to sorting out our accounts and getting back into the habit of answering the phone with Matts Motors I really will miss our easy mornings lazing round the house in our pjs and and playing with our Christmas toys.

I have today mastered the slide show part of my blog so have put some general pics up of the people I am talking about and of course will keep popping in some pics of the puppies thought it might be better as I can put more on !

I have today been to CTM and seen some absolutely wonderfully gorgeous new Bazzil crafting essentials !!!! I cannot believe how lovely they are stitching templates, threads and card stock if you are a crafter you must go over there and buy some, but please not before I have bought my lot lol.

Hope you have all been blogging like crazy am about to look at all yours Debbie if your looking where is your blog please we have Shirley on the go now we are going to work on you, I have had words with Vicky today and I think she may be swayed so girls, GET BLOGGING xxxxxx

Thursday, 3 January 2008


Hope you are all getting over the excitement and stresses of Christmas and are getting back to normality.
We certainly are Euan and I have been so busy tidying up toys and Christmas Cards and are looking forward to the Christmas Tree going on the weekend, although its been an absolutely great one this year the needles have hardly dropped although it is quite big !!!! And we do only have a very small living room!!!!

I am now having to concentrate on puppies, registering them, finding homes for them and thinking of how on earth I am going to contain the little darlings, they are growing so quickly and I have a feeling that they are going to be very soon opening their little eyes which is lovely but stressful as they will obviously start running around then lol, but thats cool.
This little darling looked so lovely this morning had to take a little picture for you all to look at she is so cute.
We have been out shopping today for Matthews birthday the shops were lovely there was hardly anyone about the shop assistants smiled at me, I am sure they are just so relieved that the crowds have disappeared and the sales are nearly at an end, or there is just rubbish left in them, even Euan was ok today and decided in the absence of Grandad he would be the Official Bag Carrier !!!! He was very good at it and got some cookies from Millies as his reward.
I have thoroughly enjoyed Christmas and New Year it has been a relaxing and unstressful time for us and we have had great fun, Euan did not even embarrass me on Christmas Day when Sarahs and her boyfriend were there which was excellent, every time he comes round I live in fear of Euan calling him Ugly Fat Bloke, as that is the name I fondly call him, sorry used to call him !!!! Unfortunately Euan told him this a while back and I have never lived it down, I feel so bad and embarrassed every time I see him and I live in fear of Euan actually calling him it again as he obviously thinks its quite funny and Matt tells me it serves me right and he is so right !!!!!
I am looking forward to going out to dinner tonight with everyone for Matts birthday not sure were we are going but I am sure that Matthew will make a good choice it will be lovely. Unfortunately as we are going out I will be missing out on crafting this evening at CTM so will not see any of you later but don't worry I will blog again this week and will look forward to reading Michelle and Shirleys blogs to so they had best get blogging !!!!!!