Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Hi everyone we are just getting over the gloomiest day of the year. Euan told me yesterday that the reason he woke up feeling a bit sad and could not concentrate all day at school was because Monday was the gloomiest day of the year according to the Newsround, god help us all, I really should not let him watch stuff like that lol. He has now cheered up and told me that today would be a much better day for him as he had an early night !!!!!

I have had two very busy days at work updating the accounts, I love it there is nothing like the satisfaction of seeing your books balancing lol.

I have an exciting week ahead of me I am off to Debbie's tomorrow night for a Stampin Up party, Crafting at CTM on Thursday and an all day crop on Saturday I cannot wait it will be excellent fun Euan is gutted he is missing out on all this crafting I have promised him a crafting day at home on Sunday just him and I and we are going to make a lovely mini book together.

The puppies are getting lovely and big now they have started eating solid food and are running around my kitchen chewing on any toes that they see fit, unfortunately as I am the one in the kitchen most I have many holy socks now and sore toes bless them !!!! Am thinking I may have to start restraining the little blighters in the puppy pen soon. Romeo has decided he hates them he cannot even bring himself to look at them, I rather suspect he is jealous of them.

I am now going to spend a bit of time looking through my photos on the computer and deciding which ones I am going to use for scrapping at the all day crop and at CTM Thursday night. I love looking through photos they bring back wonderful memories so excuse me while a take a walk down memory lane I will blog again soon xxxx

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