Sunday, 20 January 2008


Well what a wonderful weekend Euan and I have had, we have played, shopped and eaten party food what more could you want lol !!!
Friday I had the best day I watched the shop for Vikki at CTM while she was at Farnborough it was absolutely brilliant, I kept wandering around touching paper how sad is that!!! Euan went round to Grandads straight from school when I went to pick him up he was sat in the recliner, remote control in hand and a packet of custard creams, what a life !!!! When asked about what kind of day he had had he tells me he had only lost one minute of golden time this week which was really good cos he had twenty minutes of free play, last week he had made a personal record he told me, he had lost 16 minutes of golden time!!!!!!! What can you say lol.
Yesterday I went shopping in Milton Keynes I had intended to spend money on the Dinosaur bedding in Next for Euan, unfortunately when we got there they did not have it in store, which was obviously a great shame, so to help me get through the great sadness I felt about that I had to purchase 24 donuts from Krispy Kreme !!!! oh and of course purchase a few items of clothing oops sorry Euan !!!!!! Maybe next week!!!! I feel I should point out that I had purchased a few items of clothing before getting to Next too so ............................................... .
Today we had Madison's birthday party at Gambardos in Milton Keynes, its just like planet zoom in Ely but no bowling and bigger, do I really need to get into the 12 kids, loud music and entertainment thing !!!!!!! Euan had a great time, as always its lovely to see Mads, Joshie, Annie and Jeff, I had a lovely espresso and huge bar of Dairy Milk which got me through it quite nicely, oh and on the way home a stop at Bar Hill Tesco and a bit more Next shopping, oh god I am so bad !!!!!!!!


stammlera said...

Oh my gosh!! How could you put a picture on there that doesn't include the birthday girl??? She is so made at you!! Glad you had a good time! You are the greatest as always xxxxxx

Paige said...

Well that all sounds very good!!!! but what about these babies????? when are we going to see some photos of those little wrigglers??? stop crafting woman for one minutes and do some more blogging but of the ColesClarke kind ;)
see ya soon P&T

Michelle said...

lol.. thats my girl!! how fab a cappucino and a bar of choc!! i would have been in heaven! i dip mine in and suck what about you??
glad you had a good time!