Monday, 14 January 2008


Sunday was good as I went on to the American Airbase with my friend and she bought me some lovely cake mixes, which I have to make for her as she hates baking !!!! Some lovely Cinnebon cakes which are scrummy and I almost forgot she took me to the craft store they have on base and it was rubbish !!!! We are so lucky to have CTM!!!

We have had a visit from our Accountant at Matt's Motors to talk us through the VAT, boring, and that's about that although Mel called in for coffee and we had a bit of a gossip.

Oh god I done something bad this morning !!!!!! I am fed up with waking Olly up in the morning he is 17 years old !!!! man he should be able to get himself out of bed, every morning I go in two or three times come on Olly up you get you will miss the bus, then who ends up running him in if he is late, yep you guessed it, me. Not that I mind I might see he his rather lush looking tutor Calvin wow !!!!!!!!

So last night I told him Wolly, that's what we call him, set your alarm I am not waking you up in the morning yeah, yeah will do is what I get ok don't forget I will not wake you up. So what do you think does he wake up, does he hell, oh god I spend all morning in a right state shall I go up NO, just make a little bit of noise outside his door NO, Wolly please wake up!!! I so nearly broke I turned the radio up really loud for the dogs, nothing, walked out the house and slammed the door, slammed the gate, turned my radio on really loud in the car with the window open so as I drove down the lane he might hear me, he had his window open oh god did I see his curtain twitch, I am so going to kill him for putting me through this !!!!!! I get to work shout at Matt ring Wolly and get him up now !!!!!! No answer oh god it was sheer torture, left it 30 minutes thank god he answered, where are you ? At college, why ? You were late getting up yeah I set my alarm Julius was picking me up at 9.30 oh my god I went through all that and he was lying in until 9 well what a plonker I felt lol!!!

So that was my day I have also started on a scrapbook page whilst cooking dinner for everyone am hoping to finish it tomorrow before I go off to Vikki's Body Shop party so may not blog tomorrow, but will do on Wednesday.

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