Monday, 7 January 2008


OH MY GOD.......................I am so off to see the Spice Girls tomorrow night I cannot tell you how excited I am wow!!! I am going with two of my best friends Janice and Mel and we are going to have such a ball and I suspect my feet are going to be killing me after all the dancing we will be doing, and there is a very very vague chance, keep your fingers crossed, that I might not be able to speak on Wednesday from all the singing !!!!!!!!

Euan has discovered his new TV/DVD that he got for Christmas in his room and has decided he would like it opened and has gone off to his room to watch a DVD oh my god is this the beginning of the end lol !!!! Although he does have to come down to watch telly as he can only watch DVDs at the moment as we have no Aeriel in his room don't know if we will get one either otherwise I wont see him I am sure.

Euan went back to school today bag full of pictures of puppies to show his friends and teachers, he is so excited to tell everyone bless him even his taxi driver had to look at the photos of his puppies he is like a proud father showing off his baby ! And today when I asked him if he had had a good day and what had he been doing he actually said he had a lovely day and everyone loved his puppies, well can you believe it usually you get a shrug and nothing when you ask about the day at school.

I obviously wont be blogging tomorrow as I will be singing my heart out at the Spice Girls concert but don't worry I will tell you all about it on Wednesday.

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Michelle said...

OMG!!! have a FAB time.... dont forget camera to take piccies, wanna see you strutting your stuff!! have fun and take care!!!