Saturday, 16 August 2008

Shhhhhhhh dont tell Matt !!!!!!!!!!

OMG how long has it been please do not tell me lol.

So what have I been doing loads far to much in fact to put on this little old blog of mine lol. Obviously looking at the picture we have been on holiday. Euan and I went on holiday to the Vendee, stayed at St Jean De Monts, with our friend Annie and her two children Madison and Josh. We had an excellent time and came back all lovely and brown from the all the sunbathing on the beach we did lol the kids had an excellent time, a most relaxing holiday.
But let me tell you I woke up this morning early and decided to unpack my new copy of Creating Keepsakes, what a treat, sadly getting to the end my excitement started to build as I realised on the back few pages is a store locator, now you may be thinking well are they not all in America so why would you get so excited about that mmmmmmmm well let me tell you who is off to Florida in October for 2 weeks OMG its me and I now have a list of stores to visit that sell loads of lovely scrummy stash OMG pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease do not mention this to Matt he will go absolutely mental lol. Last time we went to Florida I took an empty suitcase to fill full of lovely cheap designer clothes and I saved up for ages, guess what my suitcase will be filled with this time, certainly not any clothes !!!!!!! OMG I am going to have to find myself a taxi driver and pull a sicky one day so I can go out on my own me thinks !!!!!!