Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas Shopping

At last today I managed to get some Christmas Shopping done and with that and being up to date with my JYC Journal this is a good day.
Euan is so excited today that he does not have to go to school for 2 weeks, I am not that excited though as I will end up having to watch Zach and Cody and Thats so Raven for the next 2 weeks although the good news is we have Christmas in between so hopefully he will get some lovely pressies from FC which will save my sanity.
I really am excited about Christmas on Sunday we are off to Church for 9 Lessons and Carols which I absolutely love it always make me feel like Christmas is here when we go.
A few of my friends have been really poorly the last few weeks so Michelle and Melly I really hope you are feeling lots better also Mother in Law you to although you wont be reading my blog as you do not own a computer lol but am sending out lots of love to you to xxxxxx.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


Yes girls read it and weep, I am sooooo up to date thank god. I will be off to CTM tonight to do today's prompt and I am sure you will all be very surprised.
So today is probably my worst nightmare as I am off to school today to help with the kids Christmas Party I have no idea why I say yes when they ask me, I really don't lol, and as you all know the excitement will be absolutely off the wall for the kids so I will have to come home and lock myself in a darkened room for about an hour to get over it lol.
I know Euan cannot wait to break up from school he has next week all planned out, he wants to go Christmas shopping, but could he just buy himself a small toy ! Also he would like to make some mince pies with jam in as he does not like mincemeat lol and he would like to help wrap the presents. I love seeing his little face when he is working things out in his head its great he has even made a list which I love. So only one week to go can you believe it.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Hurrah !

Matt has been working late the last few nights so I have managed to catch up on my Journal at last hopefully by tonight I will be bang up to date and can start doing it one an evening again, lets hope. We have had lots on as well which really does not help.
I still have hardly done any Christmas shopping so that is going to be a priority over the next few days as obviously Euan breaks up on Friday and it would be so much easier without him there.
I love shopping so there is absolutely now worries there and I will be getting my dad to come with me and carry the bags.
Less than a week to go so hope everyone else is more organised than I am lol

Saturday, 13 December 2008


Only 12 and 13 to do lol will hopefully get them done today then I will be back up to date. It has been a nightmare trying to get back on top of it and I have had loads to do this week, like try and get some Christmas shopping done, Euans Christmas play, the Village Hall Christmas Party and my night out with the girls at the Worlington Hall in Worlington.
Me Janice and Mel had a great time unfortunately when I say that I litrally mean us 3 when we got there we found out that most people had cancelled and gone to The Bull in Barton Mills so after the table of 7 left at about 10 it was just us 3 left to dance to the disco to our hearts content, we had a great time but obviously wish there had been a few more people to enjoy it with us.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


Finally I have got round to uploading pages 8 and 9 from my JYC Journal. I went out last night with Euan to the Village Hall Christmas Party we had an excellent time and Euan was such a star he was dancing away like someone off Strictly Come Dancing lol. I said to him I thought he was really brave dancing in front of everyone he said "mum sometimes you have just got to face your fears" what can you say when an 8 year old comes out with that lol. Him and Nathan had a great time it was lovely to watch bless them.

Will hopefully blog again soon x

Monday, 8 December 2008


Ok so I apologise for not blogging last night but my internet at home was down boo, I am so going to be ringing bt in the next day or so.
So here are my entries for Saturday and Sunday for JYC only done them yesterday though I must admit lol hope you all like them.

Friday, 5 December 2008

And another one !!!!!

Here is day 5 of the JYC challenge, I am really enjoying it and am loving looking at everyones work, especially my friend Shirley, speaking of Shirley, where is day number 5 come on I'm done.
Todays challenge was about how we count down our Christmas obviously I use a chocolate advent calender as you would expect lol . Although I wish I had had time to make my Karen Foster one that I bought from CTM but unfortunately time was not on my side this year so maybe I will use it next year.
I am looking forward to my weekend I am working at CTM tomorrow and on Sunday I am at CTM again as Kirsty Wiseman is coming to do a workshop, I am really excited.
So I am off to sit in front of the fire with my chinese and the Im a Celebrity Final yay.
Thanks for looking x

Thursday, 4 December 2008

PHEW !!!

Finally I get round to blogging, have been to Euans school for the bazaar this evening, we had a great time but how on earth do you spend so much money at these things loL.

I have posted 2 pics hopefully one with acetate over the top with swirls and one without the swirls I hope you like them.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Here is the next one can you believe I am still going I know I cant !!!

Have been late night shopping in Newmarket this evening Euan and Nathan loved the fair , we ate in Pizza Express went for a wander up and down the high street but OMG it was absolutely freezing believe me.

And here I am posting again please you are in the presence of greatness folks lol !

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Please god are they getting worse !

I dont know how on earth I am finding time to blog, upload and craft everyday lol but here you go hope you like it Shirley where is yours !! Only 34 more to go !!!!!

Monday, 1 December 2008

My First Page !

Well it took some doing but finally I have done my first page golly it was so hard but I have done it now only 35 more of them to go !!!!!
I did not actually think it would be so hard to do to be honest but when your sat there with everything in front of you your mind goes blank !!
Shirley yours looks great, would not expect anything less of course what on earth is it going to be tomorrow !!!!