Thursday, 18 December 2008


Yes girls read it and weep, I am sooooo up to date thank god. I will be off to CTM tonight to do today's prompt and I am sure you will all be very surprised.
So today is probably my worst nightmare as I am off to school today to help with the kids Christmas Party I have no idea why I say yes when they ask me, I really don't lol, and as you all know the excitement will be absolutely off the wall for the kids so I will have to come home and lock myself in a darkened room for about an hour to get over it lol.
I know Euan cannot wait to break up from school he has next week all planned out, he wants to go Christmas shopping, but could he just buy himself a small toy ! Also he would like to make some mince pies with jam in as he does not like mincemeat lol and he would like to help wrap the presents. I love seeing his little face when he is working things out in his head its great he has even made a list which I love. So only one week to go can you believe it.

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Kerrie's Crafting Corner said...

So have you come out of that darkened room yet LOL!

FAB Lo's well done for keeping this going... I spy you've been making those fantastic trees again!