Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas Shopping

At last today I managed to get some Christmas Shopping done and with that and being up to date with my JYC Journal this is a good day.
Euan is so excited today that he does not have to go to school for 2 weeks, I am not that excited though as I will end up having to watch Zach and Cody and Thats so Raven for the next 2 weeks although the good news is we have Christmas in between so hopefully he will get some lovely pressies from FC which will save my sanity.
I really am excited about Christmas on Sunday we are off to Church for 9 Lessons and Carols which I absolutely love it always make me feel like Christmas is here when we go.
A few of my friends have been really poorly the last few weeks so Michelle and Melly I really hope you are feeling lots better also Mother in Law you to although you wont be reading my blog as you do not own a computer lol but am sending out lots of love to you to xxxxxx.

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