Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Yes Saturday was the day of the wedding and what a lovely day was had by all the weather was absolutely beautiful . The bride looked lovely and was 15 minutes late to the church which did not go down well with the groom who was in a slight panic but when you are arriving by horse and cart its just one of those things !!!!
Ok so top pic is obviously Bride (Nikki), Groom (Shaun) and Carol (Nikkis mum) and Nigel (Nikkis dad). She looked absolutely lovely as you can see and pic below is obviously my brood looking lovely x
The puppies are growing they will be two weeks old this week but they are looking so lovely and cuddly although mum has decided that she will let anyone into feed them rather than herself, and the other girls love it Jazz keeps popping into to see them, even though she has no milk she will sit with them and let them suckle on her !!!! They are gonna be some mixed up kids bless them lol. Will post some pictures of them later in the week for you all to have a little look at and obviously ohhh and ahh over .xxx

Friday, 2 May 2008


Ok so I have not blogged in how long, apologies to all of you xxx Went to CTM last night for my regular Thursday evening crop, had an excellent time thank you Vikki, Jo and Deb xxx
Got home at 2 am, yes you heard right 2am to find that Trixi had started whelping, so consequently did not get to bed until 5am this morning. Am absolutely cream crackered I must say but she has had a lovely litter of puppies 4 girls and 3 boys and they are beautiful here is a little picture of her and I of course will keep you all updated with pics and chat about how they are doing.
Euan is over the moon, obviously he now has babies to make a fuss of which is lovely, and Trixi is such a good mummy bless her.
I have been so busy lately with the school, getting ready for the wedding, Euans birthday and getting ready for the babies to arrive that it has been hard to find the time to blog even with the best of intentions !!
I would like to say well done to Michelle for her stint on Daring Cardmakers she has made some absolutely lovely cards, even though she has been really poorly, what a star I daresay they will be asking her back very soon.
Am off to have a cuddle with my babies so look after yourselves and will blog again soon .