Sunday, 7 June 2009


Ok folks so no doubt you have tuned in to see how the heck my shed is going well let me tell you not very far ! We have managed to get the roof covered but unfortunately whilst doing so we had a bit of a complaint from our lovely neighbours !! Yes when they look out of their back room window which is behind the telly all they can see is my shed mmmmmmmmm how dare they its a lovely looking shed lol !!!!! So in view of this Matthew has had to make the base longer and put the flipping shed, sorry lovely shed, behind the conifers so that they cannot see it anymore ! They obviously have no idea what they are missing out on lol. So in view of this Matthew and Victor were up until 11.30 last night elongating the base so consequently all work that was to be done yesterday was put in to today and as we all now its been flipping raining all day typical lol. So Shirley please do not mention the Stampers 10 !!!!!
Euan has spent all day on the sofa playing games, watching telly and reading his new Dinosaur book from Nanny in his PJ s, whilst I have cooked dinner done a bit of tidying and played my new Sims 3 on the Computer what a lazy day we have had lol.
Hopefully I will have some photos up for you in the week as its to wet to go out there this evening to take any !
And Obviously I am watching Big Brother which I have to say I am loving although I wish they were showing more of it but unfortunately you can only see the live stream from around 11 30 until 4 am so that is no good for me, I have an early favorite which is Cairon but I have no doubt as time goes on I will change my mind lol. I know none of you lot will be watching but you dont know what you are missing its so funny lol.