Thursday, 3 January 2008


Hope you are all getting over the excitement and stresses of Christmas and are getting back to normality.
We certainly are Euan and I have been so busy tidying up toys and Christmas Cards and are looking forward to the Christmas Tree going on the weekend, although its been an absolutely great one this year the needles have hardly dropped although it is quite big !!!! And we do only have a very small living room!!!!

I am now having to concentrate on puppies, registering them, finding homes for them and thinking of how on earth I am going to contain the little darlings, they are growing so quickly and I have a feeling that they are going to be very soon opening their little eyes which is lovely but stressful as they will obviously start running around then lol, but thats cool.
This little darling looked so lovely this morning had to take a little picture for you all to look at she is so cute.
We have been out shopping today for Matthews birthday the shops were lovely there was hardly anyone about the shop assistants smiled at me, I am sure they are just so relieved that the crowds have disappeared and the sales are nearly at an end, or there is just rubbish left in them, even Euan was ok today and decided in the absence of Grandad he would be the Official Bag Carrier !!!! He was very good at it and got some cookies from Millies as his reward.
I have thoroughly enjoyed Christmas and New Year it has been a relaxing and unstressful time for us and we have had great fun, Euan did not even embarrass me on Christmas Day when Sarahs and her boyfriend were there which was excellent, every time he comes round I live in fear of Euan calling him Ugly Fat Bloke, as that is the name I fondly call him, sorry used to call him !!!! Unfortunately Euan told him this a while back and I have never lived it down, I feel so bad and embarrassed every time I see him and I live in fear of Euan actually calling him it again as he obviously thinks its quite funny and Matt tells me it serves me right and he is so right !!!!!
I am looking forward to going out to dinner tonight with everyone for Matts birthday not sure were we are going but I am sure that Matthew will make a good choice it will be lovely. Unfortunately as we are going out I will be missing out on crafting this evening at CTM so will not see any of you later but don't worry I will blog again this week and will look forward to reading Michelle and Shirleys blogs to so they had best get blogging !!!!!!


Michelle said...

Hi Alison, enjoy tonight, will blog later like a good girl! the puppies are so wonderful and she is soooo cute! i will have to come and see them when it is 'safe' and 'allowed' to do so.......see you soon...x

shirley said...

They look lovely Alison, when can we visit. Hope you had fun at on your night out. I have been a good girl as well (how boring) and posted agian on my blog.

Paige said...

Morning Mrs Colesclarke, the babies are looking wonderful as i expected i hope your website is coming along as well???
all normal here ont he DrackettCase front not much going on expect a party this weekend and i want a Wii!!!!!! stamp..... stamp!!!!!
give our love to MAtt and wish him a happy birthday from us.
hope to see you soon xxx