Friday, 4 January 2008


What an awful thought, we get back to normality on Monday!!!! Euan goes back to school and I go back to work with Matthew much as I am looking forward to sorting out our accounts and getting back into the habit of answering the phone with Matts Motors I really will miss our easy mornings lazing round the house in our pjs and and playing with our Christmas toys.

I have today mastered the slide show part of my blog so have put some general pics up of the people I am talking about and of course will keep popping in some pics of the puppies thought it might be better as I can put more on !

I have today been to CTM and seen some absolutely wonderfully gorgeous new Bazzil crafting essentials !!!! I cannot believe how lovely they are stitching templates, threads and card stock if you are a crafter you must go over there and buy some, but please not before I have bought my lot lol.

Hope you have all been blogging like crazy am about to look at all yours Debbie if your looking where is your blog please we have Shirley on the go now we are going to work on you, I have had words with Vicky today and I think she may be swayed so girls, GET BLOGGING xxxxxx

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debs said...

hi ali give me chance only just mastered e mail. havn't got a clue where to start. nothing worth blogging anyway. c u thur. x