Friday, 11 January 2008


I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful the Spice girls concert was, we all had an excellent time I have never sang so loud (and out of tune) its excellent as I know all the words, sadly.

The show was great and even the journey was fun singing along to my Spice Girl CD all the was there and all the way back. The O2 stadium was great there were loads of cafes and bars and a cinema, ice rink and shops !!!!! We had fairly good seats and could see the girls really well and they were very good they did not even mime which I thought they might do, sorry girls !
I went to CTM last night and got home about 12.30 oh my god Mel and I had an absolutely great time I decided to make a mini book for Mads who is my friend Annes daughter she absolutely loves Euan so its a book about them !!!!! Will take some pictures and pop them on my slide show for you all to see.
Today the puppies had their first visitors a lovely lady call Liz and her partner Carl they found it very difficult to choose a puppy as they are all so aboslutely lovely, I am not biased, honest. They finally decided to go home and make the decision as you constantly change your mind while you look at them and they rang me to let me know they have decided on a little Dark Golden girl she is lovely.
They are growing so fast now with their little eyes open, I am going to be starting them on solid food next week which will be very messy and smelly !!!! We got woken up at 5 o clock on Wednesday morning by one of the puppies getting itself out of its little whelping pen and getting through the child gate in with the other girls, mum was not happy and neither were Matt and I they are going to be little monkeys I am sure. I will put a few pics of them on the slide show for you to see how lovely they are looking.
Will try my best to blog over the weekend am watching Jamie Oliver and his Fowl dinners and I dont think I will be buying tesco value eggs ever again !!!!!

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