Saturday, 12 January 2008

OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!

Well folks I so have to tell you all a story, are you sitting comfortably ........................

Once upon a time, well say around 14 years ago !!!! My husband, Colin at the time, left me for another woman boo hoo !!!!! What a meany lol. Well it happens to many woman so obviously you just get on with it although your slightly pissed off !!!!! Me, Sarah and Oliver moved back to my mum and dads.

Well obviously eventually I moved on met Matthew and hey presto we are married, our own little council house, and facing the harsh reality of having not a lot of money but hey ho that's life. Colin was quite happy to see his kids when he felt like it, not a lot of the time as it happens, but we did not care we were all quite happy as a family moving on.

Colin decided that he would give me £120 a month as Child Support, on ringing the CSA they told me that if we could come to an amicable agreement between us then that would be a lot easier, Matt and I never disagreed with it as we were more than happy to have no money from him but as he was so insistent that we should and that he said the CSA would say that that was the amount he should pay as it was the amount of Family Allowance for two children we took it (gullible I know) and I have obviously spent many years totally squandering that money on things that the kids wanted like expensive trainers, clothes and games for various consoles !!!! As obviously £120 is not really enough to feed, cloth and entertain teenagers, so Matt has obviously done most of that, without any complaint or thought.

Well would you believe 14 years on I get a letter from the CSA telling me that my payments from Colin should have dropped to £86.00 a week well obviously thinking they had that wrong I left it as that's just me lol. Then low and behold I get a barrage of letters letting me know that if I was having trouble getting this money and needed help from them to let them know about 4 letters in total and finally a letter last weekend saying that in fact as my circumstances had changed I should be getting £60.66 a week from Colin !!!! How odd as I have not contacted them about this at all, although Matt laughed and said he thought Colin had probably received the same earlier letter and had contacted them about this and probably asked them to re look, more than I had done !!!!!

Well blow me down with a feather if I don't get a cheque from Colin today for £240 I must say I am in shock, and also tempted to ring him but as I have not spoken or seen him for well over a year I have decided to take the money from him and not chase him for any back pay as apparently he should have been paying me this amount since June last year !!!!!! And obviously a lot more from previous years, I am going to use it to pay for Olly's Car Insurance and his Holiday next year as I suspect I will only be getting it until May when it is Olly's birthday but he may as well benefit from it as Matt and I don't really want it.

But can you imagine the shock perhaps its a lesson for us about being so easy going, what do you think ? I know it wont make a difference, Matt and I will go along in our own little world and nothing will change that, we cannot change life is too short which is why we never chased it up in the first place, all that mattered to us really was that the kids were happy and hopefully not too affected by all the changes in their lives.

So what a funny end to my day, which I must say had been a really nice day, waited in for my Tesco shopping until 11 am and then off to Cambridge to get some new trainers a few t shirts and some Millies cookies yum yum, off to CTM to purchase some lovely crafty products and back home to a Cheque from Colin !!!!!!!

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