Sunday, 27 January 2008


I have so had the best weekend. It started Thursday night when I went to Vikkis regular crop at CTM I won on the ball machine hurrah, I dread to think how many £ I have put in that machine but at last on Thursday night I had a winning ball hurray, I won a whole Bazzil alphabet, what am I going to do with it I am more than sure I will work something out lol.

Then low and behold on Friday evening Vikki rang me up and asked me if I would like to work at CTM .....................oh my god of course I do !!!!!! I must say I would not have been above begging for a job there so at least I did not have to go that far lol.

And Saturday I went to an excellent crop in Somersham, it was great I went with Michelle, Debbie, Tammo, and Carol all great friends who I have met through CTM we had a really lovely time, and we made a really nice mini book in the workshop, ate some lovely chocolates and cream cakes it was great.
I have been crafting nearly all day today as well, how bad am I, its been thoroughly enjoyable, although I have a mountain of ironing to catch up on sometime this week.
Well after taking my walk down memory lane the other day looking at my pictures I found some absolutely lovely ones for my new album that I am doing for my sister I relieved a few happy memories with Euan and the picture I have put up is Euan, Mads and Josh I call them the Blue Tongue Brigade we went to Butlins for a long weekend together over halloween and the kids loved those awful slush puppies, I dread to think what is in those things lol.
I want to say a quick thank you to Michelle for helping me out at the crop, I am so sorry for stopping you crafting so often lol, also Debbie thanks for taking me, I so would never have found the place on my own, will look forward to seeing you all next week at CTM and Shirleys Stampin Up party.

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Michelle said...

Hi Alison
you are more than welcome anytime! it was great fun and i had a fab time with everyone!