Saturday, 2 February 2008


What on earth does Euan look like !!
What a week I have had, I really dont know where to start and actually I so do not think I will, I could tell you all about the rather unhappy parent outside the school on thursday who had a right go at me but I rather think I have bored you all with that all ready lol plus Mel just might kill me. Had a great time at Shirleys Stampin Up party on Friday night Michelle is an excellent teacher thank you so much.

My visit to CTM today was excellent please Shirley, like you have no idea what I was on about lol, sorry Ellen !!!!! and Michelle yeah you know what I am saying ................................. .

So lets see its 11 o clock at night I have been scrapping and watching a funny film with my best mate Mrs Stammer, well her name is actually Stammler, but well Stammer is quite funny if you ask me. The girls are lying around the house and wondering what an earth we are doing up at this time of night, I wonder myself actually as my eyes are drooping.

Oh my god I am going to have to give you this Link to the funniest ever wedding video it is the bride and groom having their first dance together I so want you all to go and watch it, it is funny funny funny believe me and please turn the volume up really loud. And yes that sadly is what my Saturday night consists of lol surfing the web and playing Sun online Bingo oh yes yes yes have I won no no no what am I like !!!!!!

I have had some more people come and look at the puppies today, they were really nice, I so hope they decide that they would like one as I think they would make great puppy parents they are going to let me know tomorrow, it so nice that they did not get led by their hearts straight away but go and have a talk and think about it. It is a big decision having a dog, you have to think about holidays, while you are working, all the doggie doo you have to pick up, all the chewing you will have to contend with, the sleepless nights where do you stop so I am glad that they are taking it seriously it is so easy to get carried away and not be able to say no when you see them.

I am off to bed now as I am cream crackered hope you have all done your blogging I will be looking in the morning.

And before any of you ask NO I HAVE NOT SEEN MEL AND TAKEN ROUND HER STAMPS YET !!!!!!!!!


Michelle said...

lol Aliosn.. you bad bad girl! poor Mel needs to play with her stamps! go do it today! great to see you yesterday as always...see you soon and take care.....

debs said...

lol wedding dancers funky! think dave thought i'd gone mad! (no comment) poor mel.x

Carole Creates said...

Alison ...what can I say. I have met up with Michele today and she has filled me in on ALL the gossip.
he he he

Michelle said...

hello mrs
you have been tagged look at my blog!