Saturday, 23 February 2008

Well hello people !!! I am so sorry I have not blogged for so long but I really have been feeling unwell, can you imagine me going out to our Stampers 10 on Wednesday night and hardly speaking, well that is what happened I was told by the doc to rest my voice which I done but golly gosh it was sooooo hard lol, was really feeling sorry for myself, but don't worry am feeling so much better today you would not believe it I seem to have turned the corner. I am off to CTM tomorrow for an all day crop, I cannot wait don't worry my voice will be back to full health god help you all !!!!
Well here goes all the things that I have not updated you on this week, my little darling puppies went over the weekend, they were so lovely and I was really sad and happy at the same time to see them going off with their new families I know they are going to be really happy.
Saturday, although feeling really poorly I went to work at CTM, the sacrifices I make lol, it was great fun, I love working with Shirley we have such a giggle and we share a passion for paper and all things crafty. My great friend Mrs Lumpkin joined us for most of the day shopping to her hearts content, bless her, and I made one of the best purchases ever oh yes A CRICUT EXPRESSION what can I say about it, it simply the best crafting tool you could ever want I cannot reveal to you how much I spent there, but I can assure you I could have spent so much more, oh god how bad am I.
I had also best say congratulations to my good friend Carol her daughter Nikki gave birth to a bouncing little baby boy on Monday at 3.44 pm he weighed 8lb 1oz and they have called him Jack. Have been to see him and he is absolutely gorgeous. Now all Nikki has to do is loose some weight to get into that Wedding Dress for May 11th don't worry Nikki we will all help you best we can. I have put a picture of him up for you all to see.
I am having my very own Stampin Up party on Friday night, you had all best be there, will look forward to seeing you. Also my friend Christina is doing her very first Close to My Heart demo for you all so a double whammy for you to enjoy Friday night. I hope you are looking forward to it. I have to say to Michelle thank you so much for showing us that wonderful bag on Wednesday night I have made my white one which looks really lovely will bring it along on Friday for you to see thank you for teaching us all something new Michelle you are a star xxxxxx And Debbie many thanks for having us all at yours your great xxxx.


Michelle said...

Aww alison he is sooo can you help that poor girl to lose weight when you are sooo bad!! i hope you have a good day tomorrow...look forward to seeing you friday and i am glad you enjoyed my class and that you understood me! im glad you are better as i prefer the loud alison to the quiet..take care hun...

Paige said...

Jack is beautiful!!!!! help her lose weight!!!!! Alison you do make me laugh!!! no more camarel donuts then!
P xx