Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Is it only Wednesday

I hope you are all well we certainly are. Am having a fairly manic week but you will all no doubt be thinking nothing else lol.

Am at work at the moment, its 12.15 and I am playing bingo on line, watching shameless on 4 OD and eating Steak and Ale Pie and chips for my lunch, sorry to those of you on a diet !!!!! I have already eaten a bag of iced gems, a twix, a bag of smoky bacon crisps and two kit kats I know, I know, I am sorry but you know I do have a figure to maintain ! Have just won £30 quid on bingo so excuse me whilst I whoop with joy.

Monday I had to take a bit of a road trip to Mablethorpe, near Skegness to pick up some lights for a Corvette that Matt had won on Ebay of course I took my trusty sat nav, Mel, with me and we had a lovely drive out. Matt had managed to save a bit of money buying these lights on ebay so it meant some extra shopping money for me, well that was until I reversed into the blokes lightpost in his garden, ooops, never was much good at reversing lol ! Should of got a picture of Mels face was a picture.

Yesterday was a fairly calm day, went to Bar Hill tesco with Mel and managed not to reverse into anything how can you go out at 9.30 in the morning to tesco and get home at 3 pm I really dont know what we were doing !!!

And today I am off to West Row School to help Year 4 do some cooking for their Cake Sale tomorrow. As I am Chair of Govenors at West Row I love to go into the school as often as possible to offer help and support, its great fun you meet some lovely children and teachers and it really brings home to you how much work teachers and teaching assistants do. I must say I never really thought they did that much, I thought they had really long holidays and just sat around telling kids what to do, well that is not the case they work really really hard and the government changes everything regularly so as soon as you have got used to doing something one way they change it to another way, why I really dont know.

The puppies are growing so fast now, I have someone coming to see another one tonight, they are aboslutely beautiful I love them, all though they smell like you would not believe, I cannot believe that they will be going the weekend after next they have been a joy and they all love a cuddle there will be some tears I think when they leave, but probably not from mum !


Michelle said...

you bad girl! what you doing eating all them calories! well done on winning the bingo!
i have your order, will deliver tomorrow night when i see you!
take care

Carole Creates said...

ooh lucky you...more money to spend on stash