Friday, 29 February 2008

Morning everyone, I have been awake hours all excited as it is my Stampin Up Party tonight how exciting is that. I went to CTM last night and hurray finally finished the album I am doing for Mother in Law for Mothers Day.

I cannot tell you how many times I changed my tesco order yesterday for things for the party it was so bad I kept remembering silly things like chocolate, crisps, dips etc and the Kristina came round, my friend doing Close to My Heart, and reminded me about forks and napkins so had to change it again oh my god this party planning business is stressful lol.

I hope you are all excited and looking forward to it I know Kristina is a nervous wreck so be nice to her girlie's.

Today I am at school all day for their Maths Day so I am going in learning about shapes and numbers, come on girls how bad am I at numbers its ridiculous, little do they know that the only time that numbers figure in my life is when I am adding up how many chocolate bars I can get in my bag to take out with me, or how much chocolate, sweets, hot dogs and popcorn I can possible carry into the cinema and hold my ticket at the same time, that is a bit of an art actually !!!!!! I have no idea how much help I can be but I will try.

Have not been to see baby Jack this week as I thought it would be nice for them to get into a routine and receive all their other visitors, as I expect there will be loads, so will update pictures of the little man when I have seen him again. Instead I have put on a little picture of my little man when he was poorly, obviously he is now back to normal which is excellent, how could anyone want me to take the Euan out of Euan, you naughty teachers, yes we had parents evening last week !!!!!
Well am off now so will look forward to seeing you all at 7.30 how exciting!!!!

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Kerrie's Crafting Corner said...

Hi Alison,

thanks for visiting my blog!

Hope you are feeling much better now?!

Good luck for tonight, very jealous would love to come but can't get across to you tonight :(

See you in a few weeks!