Monday, 11 February 2008


Ok so in case your wondering about the picture yes that is what I look like in my Bridesmaid dress ! Yes I said Bridesmaid, 42 years old and I am going to be a Bridesmaid, how exciting is that, I so cannot wait. It is for my friend Carols daughter Nikki who is getting married in May this year, I am sure most of you are thinking no way would I do that but let me tell you it is so exciting, you get to try on loads of beautiful dresses, and have money spent on you for the dress and some lovely shoes, you get to organise and go on the Hen Night, you get your hair and makeup done on the day, get loads of pictures taken of you and you get one of the best seats on the day and get waited on and hopefully you get a decent pressie !!!!!! lol It will be great fun.

So on to my weekend which was great by the way, I had the best day at CTM as I was working does anyone enjoy their work as much as Shirley and I, I think not. It was so lovely and Shirley was not half as bossy as I thought she would be !!!!! Lol yeah as if. It was great fun did not seem like work at all to be honest, chatting to people and helping them to find what they were looking for, getting some orders together, some people put lovely papers together very good for ideas. Dont worry girls had time for some lunch, like I wouldnt !!!! And the lovely Debbie came into see us, dont worry Vikki she spent some money, didnt you Deb!!!!!

On Sunday I had a very successful Bra fitting at Bravissimo in Cambridge unlike the one I had on Friday in Harways in Newmarket. Please god do not go there for a Bra fitting it was a nightmare. Ok so first things first the curtain does not close properly, not to bad of an issue when the place is empty, well that would be great, but not so for me some bloke comes in looking for underware for his girlfriend, yes I am standing here in my underware in this changing room mate please avert your eyes !!!!!!!!! Now everyone knows I am not a double F, or am I, somehow I think not but that is what they keep bringing me, please. So they keep coming in with different Granny bras, they are not pretty, and leaving the bloody curtain open for the world and his wife to have a sneeky peek at me in my undies its not a pretty site I can assure you, especially as I have not shaved my legs since the beginning of winter, really should have done that before I came out looking for underware!!!!! Typically I forgot. So do you think I got a bra from there no I went to Bravissimo in Cambridge what a far better experience how nice were they in there, and there were doors on the changing rooms, although I did have a slight panic when she said they dont use tape measures, thought they might decide to cup my breasts to see what size I was but no they do it by sight !!!

Ok so following up on the Lamp Post incident had an Invoice from the chap it seems he can get just the base for this Lamp Post, excellent you might think, but no £200 well ok I can live with that, slightly dispappointing that with VAT and fitting it comes up to £400 please !!!!!

Well I have another day at CTM to look forward to next Saturday with Shirley I so cannot wait. I will do my best to blog again later this week, but as Euan is home for half term I really dont know when so have a good week everyone and take care.


debs said...

hi Alison you are SOOOO funny!!! have a good week. x

Michelle said...

hi alison
you will look so fantastic! im glad you enjoyed ctm and that all was good at bravissimo too!!
see you when i get home
take care and miss you..x