Friday, 8 February 2008


Well I must say the excitement is building for me at the moment. On Saturday I do my first Saturday at CTM I can hardly wait I can tell you. Poor Shirley does she have any idea about what she is letting herself in for I am sooooo sorry Shirley.

Heard back from the man whose lamp post I hit on Monday in Mablethorpe he reckons £600 he is so having a laugh dont you think !!!!! May have to be an Insurance job at that price. I so think he is taking the mickey but what can you say.

Am off to Debs tonight to see everyone and collect my scrummy Stampin Up goodies that I purchased at Shirleys party last week you better mind you have made another of those cakes Deb or there will be trouble lol.

I have dropped Euan off at Sarahs today he was really looking forward to going he woke me up this morning at 6 am for a couch, would not have been too bad if he had snuggled down but no he woke me up saying "I have come for that couch I promised you last night mum, cant be long Transformers is about to start" and with that he climbed straight out of bed and went downstairs little blighter !!!!!!
Sorry I have not tagged Michelle but I can only tag everyone that you have tagged lol it so unfair will have to talk more people that I know into blogging lol.
Will look forward to seeing you all later am about to pop up to CTM to get some craft items for Sarah and let the girls out on the way there but have not won on Bingo today or last night so will have to talk nicely to Matt xxx Bless him.


debs said...

SO SORRY !!! no cake. lost 4lbs this week so can't risk it. x

Carole Creates said...

Come on then, don't leave us in did your first day go at CTM?