Sunday, 6 January 2008

Well its Sunday evening, back to normality tomorrow.

Euan had his first sleepover last night at his friend Donovan who is a young American boy who lives two doors down, he left the house with three bags full of pokemon cards, books, pyjamas and cuddles (well he is only 7). 2 hours later we get a phone call from Christina, Donovans mum, apologising profusely it seems that the boys had decided to warm up Euans monkey with the wheat beads in that he takes to bed with him, unfortunately rather than taking the wheat bag out of the monkey and heating it for 2 minutes they put the whole thing, monkey and all in the microwave for 10 minutes !!!!! Christina seen the flames jumping out of the monkeys rear end just in time unfortunately it was beyond repair and rather crispy !!!! Obviously I went round to see Euan as he was inconsolable after some comforting and seeing if he wanted to come home it was decided he would still like to stay!!!!! Thinking at 11pm that was it I went to bed, lovely a warm and snug I get woken up at around 12.15 unfortunately Euan was having a bit of trouble sleeping and was sat at the top of the stairs with his bags wanting to come home !!!!!! Bless obviously when he got home he had worked himself up into such a state it took a good hour to settle him, he said he had missed us and he kept thinking about that and his monkey, I think he was slightly traumatised at the sight of it with flames coming out of its rear, and could not sleep, I somehow don't think we will be repeating this exercise again poor little man.
So today we have had a very relaxed day Euan has been reading about monkeys, oh god will he ever get over this, and I have done some scrapbooking this is the only page I completed did not even get to use my gorgeous bazzil bassics In stitchz boo hoo but will do some more this week and obviously post it for you all to see.
Hope you all enjoy getting back to school tomorrow I am about to settle the boy down in his own bed and hopefully he will go straight off to sleep ready for tomorrow. Night Night mind the bugs don't bite Euey xxxxxx


Michelle said...

aww poor Ewan! i can imagine what it must be like as his best cuddles is ruined!!
I hope he sleeps better tonight? can i say it did make me laugh too! you always give good entertainment!and it could only happen to you too!
Excellent scrapbook page too, love the colours, have you gone and looked in that US stampin up catalogue yet?

breathlessmiss said...

Thanx Michelle and yes I have looked at the US Stampin Up Catalogue yesterday its lovely and I love the dinos cannot wait for our next party when is it I want to buy some more Stampin up stuff have just e mailed you as well xxxx