Saturday, 29 December 2007


Happy New Year to you all I am so sorry I have not blogged for the last few days but I have been so busy with Christmas and of course my Hunni Bunnys puppies, which she had on Sunday evening, and what a mum she is, she has been wonderful and her babies are so absolutely gorgeous am putting a picture on for you all to drool over, enjoy !

I hope you all had a good Christmas I had an excellent one and Euan and I are having a great time playing wii games, building lego dinos and reading some great books. It is all over with so quickly, and now Euan is looking forward to his Birthday !!!!

I have been to the sales, oh yes up at 4 am to go to the Next sale on Thursday and what a great time I had spent far too much money on clothes and boots, but hell it was worth it lol.

I am looking forward to New Year I dont intend doing much this year but we will see, might have a few friends round and play some rather silly wii games which will be great fun.

I will do some more blogging later so enjoy the pictures and will speak soon.


debs said...

hi ali let me know when they start looking cute and i'll have another look!! only joking lol debs x

Michelle said...

OMG!!!! Alison they are sooooo cute and adorable!! i would want to keep them all!