Monday, 17 December 2007

50 Kids a Disco and a Magician.............HELP

Oh my god I did not blog yesterday what am I like!!!!

Had a very busy weekend as no doubt everyone else has this time of year. Euan had 2 parties to go to Saturday one a Birthday Party the other a Christmas Party in the Village Hall, 50 kids, a disco and a Magician just what you need on a Saturday afternoon !!!!! It was sheer madness kids running around full of wonderful e numbers from fizzy pop, a very loud disco blasting out kids pop songs and a Magician making funny shapes out of balloons, some rather suspect if you ask me lol but the kids love it !!! Got there to late to see FC but that did not matter as Euan is really does not like people dressed up as novelty characters they scare the bejesus out of him !!!! But he god a present of the gnome, he recognised her as the girl from the chip shop lol !!!

And yesterday was a wonderful day topped off by a visit to see Sarah and her boyfriend, Ugly Fat Bloke as I fondly call him, in their new flat.

Euan was in the Christmas Nativity in the Church last night and he was absolutely brilliant, of course, he was the innkeeper, a shepherd and a wise man very good at the costume changes !!!! And I had to play the hand bells with a few of the other mums, Oh my God, if only you could have heard us playing Ding Dong merrily on high the fa la las were definitely unrecognisable.

And then I went of to see my little princess in her new flat its very little but there is only the two of them, I am worried though as I am not sure she has done the right thing but I will wait and see, and she knows that she can come home anytime her room will always be there for her, although I will have to move her brother back out of it lol!!!!!

I have done lots of smiling this weekend as its my favorite time of year and I know everyone is stressed and I think a smile from someone always cheers you up x


Michelle said...

well you obviously have not been busy enough! fancy not blogging yesterday!!lol
keep up the good work!!

debs said...

hi your blog is fab!!

Paige said...

What do you mean move her brother out of Sassy's old room????? i thought this room was mine?????