Wednesday, 19 December 2007


I LOVE CHRISTMAS it is the best time of the year, I love shopping shopping and more shopping more than anyone would ever believe, I do live to shop. And even food shopping is great for me that is how sad I am about shopping.

Euan has broken up from school today, and we are so happy that we will have 2 whole weeks together to vegetate in front of the telly and read some of his great dinosaur books together and also do lots and lots of crafting together, I will obviously have to pop into work every now and then just to answer e mails and check the accounts, but as I work with Matthew my husband, we have our own business, then I can pretty much spend as much time as I like with my Euan.

He is getting so excited, we had a lovely Carol Service at school this afternoon, for which I made 80 mince pies for last night !!!!!!, and I must say I shed more than a tear or two hearing the little children singing Little Donkey and Away in a Manger it was so moving to see the awe in their faces when they were listening to the story of Christmas and then singing obviously their favorite Christmas Carols, I just wanted to sit on the floor with Euan and give him a big cuddle and sing along with him on my lap.

I adore Christmas and am looking forward to the Carol Service in the Church on Sunday I will just say that Christmas is the only time I do go to church so please do not think I have caught religion, but I do take the kids along as I think it is important for them to realise what Christmas is really about and to appreciate that there are some children who are not as lucky as them.

I am also getting excited about Friday midnight, oh yes I am off to Tesco Bar Hill to do my chrimbo food shop and I cant wait it will be empty and I will be able to wander around to my hearts content filling my trolley to bursting full of lovely lush Christmas pudding, fresh cream, sausage meat and chocolate goodies yum yum and of course the odd DVD or two !!!!!

I have a permanent smile on my face at the moment as its Christmas and I love it and I am more than sure that smiling at those little babies crying in their pushchairs as their mums drag them round the shops stops them for just a little bit, and all those people who push you out of the way to get to the queue before you, maybe it will make them realise that its Christmas the season of goodwill to all men, lets hope.


Paige said...

I kinda get the idea that you like Chrimbo?????? I'm so looking forward to seeing you all next week save a few of those yummy homemade mince pies that you make as you well know i have a large tummy that can easily take six pies and cream ;)
good luck with those lovely babies!!!!

Michelle said...

where's them pictures of them babies!!!!