Saturday, 15 December 2007


Welcome to my post could start with yesterday which started very sadly but ended on a great high.

I awoke in the morning to the very first morning without my beautiful daughter Sarah waking me up asking where her uniform was, had I washed it last night or was it still on a pile of dirty washing on her floor !!!!! She moved out on Thursday to live with her boyfriend, it was a very surreal thing for me I know I will miss her dreadfully but obviously you cant tell them that as they have to move on guilt free and we have to let them ! God knows how she will cope as she thinks she can live on Tesco Finest microwave meals I cant bring myself to disillusion her !!! And if she finds out what a hoover is I will be in shock!

But the high certainly was going to Michelles for her first ever Stampin Up workshop it was excellent fun. She was a great hostess and my friend Melanie and I had an absolutely brilliant time and learnt so much cannot wait to go to more of them and obviously will be having one of my own at some point.

So that was some of my day I could go on about rushing around for Matthew to collect car parts from the other side of the county, rushing home to pick Euan up from the school bus then get him to swimming for 4 and then running over to newmarket to pick up Ollys girlfriend from the bus station, frantically searching for my sat nav charger and finding out Sarah has it in her car and that obviously she cannot put herself out to run it round here so god knows how I am going to find Michelles house as I had never been there, there are certainly not enough hours in the day for me but I am sure I am not the only one.

I tried to smile at as many people as I could today as I am sure it makes me feel better and of course them x


Michelle said...

OMG!! what a fab start, you always put a smile on my face everytime i see you and hear your voice! i will really enjoy reading your daily bloggin entry, i know we have not be friends for very long but think we will become best of friends and remain friends forever! (well at least i hope anyhow!) thanks again for last night i did have a fab time!
take care....x

Shirley said...

You clever girl, I am going to really look forward to reading your blog each day.
It was lovely to see you yesterday and Michelle.

breathlessmiss said...

Girls thankyou so much for your lovely comments xxxxxxxxx