Sunday, 23 March 2008


What a lovely day we have had. I was awoken by Euan jumping on my bed and telling me to look out of my bedroom window, which obviously I had not choice but to do lol. And what a lovely sight greeted me. Obviously we had to get dressed and get out to run around the garden like a devish to try and be the first one to make footprints in the lovely crisp snow. And then whilst I made breakfast and let the girls out Matthew and Euan set about making the snowman while Oliver, Victor and Phil had a snowball fight, boys will be boys, goodness knows what the neighbours thought !
And this afternoon, nearly all the snow has gone so after a lovely Roast dinner we sat in front of the fire eating lovely chocolate eggs and watched the best film in the world The Wizard of Oz, I love it and yes I know all the words to the songs too so we all had a good sing song.

Euan is still up watching telly, its 9 O Clock and he tells me he is staying up until he falls asleep so we could be hear a while !!!!!! And it is snowing again so maybe more snowmen tomorrow hurray. Happy Easter to you all and hope you have had as lovely day as we have xxxxx


Mellie said...

about time you changed this mrs

Mellie said...

Well i've done it Mrs. Read and weap.