Monday, 25 May 2009

OMG look whats going up in my garden ladies!!!!!

Ok so I have my pictures in the wrong order and I cannot be bothered to put it right lol but come on you get the picture lol this at the end of today all it needs is some windows and the roof put on and well I will let you all imagine what the rest will look like lol !

While some of us worked others took some time out lol !
Well it was a beautiful day yesterday so I will let them off bless them

Ok Ladies this is what was achieved by the end of day one ! What could I possible be putting on that huge base I wonder lol !!!


LadyBug said...

WOW!!!!!!! all I can say is I want one!!!!! I will have to come up now in the summmer and play int he new house of craft at the bottom of your garden!

LadyBug said...

A tree out the front that drops it's leaves so you can hang preety things on it with fairy lights!!!!! pleeeeeeeeeeease can I come and help make it preeety with you preeety please?????

April D said...

lucky you!

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