Tuesday, 1 December 2009


Ok so starting from today I am going to hopefully be blogging everyday not only do I have my JYC (Journal Your Christmas) to blog about I also have my advent gifts from my good friend Shirley to blog about as well.
We have spent £1 a day on each other for the 25 days of advent. How exciting, it was hard to spend only that and I know that Shirley and I have gone over £1 on most things lol some of it is crafting goodies and some of it is other bits and pieces like hopefully plenty of chocolate, it is advent after all, thankyou for my Advent candle Shirley, my first gift, you are soooooo clever xxxx.
So its a day of firsts 1st Advent, 1st JYC and I have just been outside to go to my studio and its the 1st Frost of the winter too how lovely and very apt for the start of the Christmas season.

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