Friday, 21 October 2011

A Calm Week x

And it certainly has been apart from Sunday when I had the pleasure of Sarahs company to make her wedding invites, Gosh there was so much glitter, pink paper and embossing powder been thrown around I was actually scared, I had to ring the fab Marion of Sugar and Spice and QVC fame to send me out some more wonderful Frontage Shabby Pink, 3 pots of it , as I am sure Sarah is not going to be content with a light sprinkling of the stuff !!!!!!!

So this week I have purchased myself a fab new ipad which Euan and I are spending the evening arguing about who is going to play with it me or him obviously as I am the one in charge, supposedly, I win but then I do feel a little bit bad and let him have a little play on it, cos I can.

I am working at the fab CTM tomorrow which I cant wait as Vikki has some fab new Stamps in from Basic Grey and Hero Arts and I cannot wait to pick them up and take them home to play with on Sunday thanks to some great ideas from Kristina Werner.

Unfortunately we missed out on our Stamp Club this week so it has been moved to next Friday I am going to show the girls how to make some fab boxes for Halloween I got the idea from Splitcoast which I love.

Telly is fab at the mo for me Friday night is eveiction night for Big Brother am loving this series although would love to see more of it like some live footage would be good and over the weekend Strictly and X Factor I love the dark nights sitting in watching your fav stuff on telly with the fire lite a take away and a nice glass of diet coke !!!! would have wine but I would be asleep within seconds if I went that way lol.

So I have popped a pic at the top of here of the little boxes we will be making next friday at Stamp Club cant wait to see all the ladies as its been far to long and I have an order that is far far to big to tell Matthew about not that he will mind but I am supposed to be not spending any money on craft at the moment to pay for a wedding in Vegas!!!!!!

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LadyBug said...

Hello Miss Lovely! I'm loving the wobbley eyes on the little Halloween boxes! so Much fun. How are the Vegas plans going????? I'll ring you this week for a catch up Px