Saturday, 13 September 2008


Ok so most husbands bring you home a box of chocs, maybe some flowers oh no not Matt he found this little gem wandering around the back of the workshop no one had any idea where it could have come from so what do you think he does, brings her home !!!! Now I know absolutely nothing about chucks but he tells me he and Oliver have called her crumbs as apparently that is what she is going to be coated in before we cook her !!!!! I think not ........
How lovely is she, I have hot footed it over to Alans Ark to get some feed and some bedding for her and we are on the look out for a little friend for her as she is a bit lonely out there you never know may be we will even be having our own eggs yum yum although I think you may need a cockerel for that, have book, will read lol.
We think she is a Welsummer but obviously that is looking in a book, she is quite young, Euan absolutely loves her, and I am a little scared of her as I have a bit of an aversion to any form of bird they scare the bejesus out of me when they start flapping their wings so while she is in the pen at the bottom of the garden she is lovely lol. Matthew keeps going down the garden to have a cuddle with his new bird, am getting a bit jealous !!!!!!!
Euan and I have spent the day scrapbooking today its been lovely. Euan has done a lovely page funnily enough it was a picture of a goose with a green beak that we seen in France so tomorrow he is going to do another page with Crumbs .
Am getting very excited about Strictly Come Dancing starting next week just been watching the preview show and am absolutely in lust with Mark Foster and Tom Chambers mmmmmmmmmmmmm they are lovely so will be voting for that pair every week lol
Time to go will blog again soon look after yourselves xxxxxxx

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LadyBug said...

A Chuk!!!!! what yo gonna call number two???? batter????