Wednesday, 26 November 2008

WHY OH WHY !!!!!!!!

That is the question.............................. I have so much to do over the next few weeks why on earth do I sign up to do a Journal your Christmas Challenge lol but I have, also I have dragged Shirley into this so we are never going to have any time to do it but I am sure we will have a good go. I would like to of course blame Paige for this as she planted the seed !!! So wish me luck if you see me lurking with my camera or making notes just ignore me and take pity. I will of course do my best to keep you updated and occasionally post a pic of what I have done so you can have a giggle. If any one fancies having a go here is a link let me know if any one does and we can have a laugh together about it, maybe even help each other out .
Anyway whats new with me folks, nothing actually, I have been on holiday to America in October which was fab, and had a great Halloween thanks to Shirley and Steph bless them but really just not had much time to blog but I will do my best to rectify this asap.
I have been doing Michelles Christmas Extravaganza which has been brilliant, she is so clever and the things we have been making are absolutely lovely, 20 Christmas Cards last week and this time some lovely goodies to make for people for Christmas, wont tell you what they are yet as some of you will be making them on the weekend !!!!
It is actually getting me in the mood for Christmas so I might even try doing some serious Christmas shopping in the next few weeks and hopefully doing this Journal your Christmas will get me back in to scrapbooking again I have been finding it hard to get motivated and as I have absolutely loads and loads of stash I really need to start using some of it so lets hope lol.
I will be blogging again soon so look out folks xxxx


LadyBug said...

OMG!!!!! thought you had fortten us all in blogland!!!!! nice to see you have signed up and joined us, and I love all the CS colours you chose for me!!! good eye Mrs N
Love the PF ;)

Latharia said...

Hello! Another JYC participant here! Glad you've decided to play along -- I am sure it'll help you stay calm amidst the Christmas mayhem!