Thursday, 11 March 2010

And Again lol

Ok so this is my next isle of wight challenge thingy to do a layout using 4 photos
its a nightmare lol but I will carry on blogging girls I promise.
I have had a fab week have been out shopping with Miss Lisa to get Bunco prizes and have been to lunch with my good friend Mrs W and have even found time to do some crafting with Mel in The Little Blue Hut its been great fun .
Dont die of shock everyone I even showed up at work this week for the first time in ages and done a full day the boys were in shock cheeky devils. Might even go in tomorrow just to confuse them lol.
Am loving blogging again cant think why I dont keep it up really as its quite nice to put your thoughts down on paper and of course I love going around reading everyone elses blog.
Had a sad thought today its been six months now since Mark was killed and its still as painful as it was on the day it happened for me I dread to think how my sister must feel I wonder when it will get better god knows we have the inquest to look forward to next month maybe after that lets hope.
On a brighter note I applied to go on Deal or No Deal this week will keep you updated as to whether or not I get on I cant wait probably wont happen though as I am far to normal lol.
Take care Blogland will be back soon xxxxx


LadyBug said...

OMG!!!!! it's me!!!!! you scrapped me :) I love it! and I can't believe you scrapped and blogged again you really are keeping up with Shirley :) can you post these photos from the weekend on the photobucket link pleeeeeeeeease!!! and thanks for doing the challenge again Luv Px

LadyBug said...

Give sis (Mandy) a hug from me when you see her (((hug)))