Friday, 19 March 2010


Ok so I have finally given in to all the nagging that I have been getting about posting more pics of my pride and joy THE LITTLE BLUE HUT I love it love it love it and I certainly love spending time out there it is the most relaxing place in the world for me and all my friends seem to love it too which is great as you can see here this is how I am storing some of my ribbon on dolly pegs in this basket thing I got for £5.99 from homebase cheap as chips as they say lol and obviously had to get a pic of my lovely PINK yes I said PINK cuttlebug lol. Now this picture is of the area behind me as you can see I have a few new purchases sat around in that are which need putting somewhere only where is the rapidly asking question in my mind lol I am dreading to think what else I will be purchasing at the NEC next week to adorn my STUDIO Shirley !
Oh god and this is more pictures of more purchases of my ever increasing and worrying addiction to Longaberger baskets I love love love them and I cannot stop purchasing them which is a worry as they are really quite expensive I have bought some of the lovely wrought iron hanging things that they do to put baskets on they are in the picture above one is in the box and other other is sat to the right with a little tea basket on it is so cute I am thinking that some of these are going to make it into the house as the look so lovely and will be great for hiding rubbish in lol, you know bills you dont want to look at, children and various other items to be found around the home lol.

Now this is where the magic happens lol, did I just say that, yep I sure did lol this is where I sit and mull away my time trying to decide what I am going to make and how I am going to start I love sitting here looking out at the window and seeing my chickens running around and the dogs occasionally Matt pops his head in and makes me laugh and Euan loves to come in and make something fab with me its a great place to have some me time and I love sitting there listening to music and willing away the hours how bad am I. I am really looking forward to showing it off to my great friend Paige and her friends from the Isle of Wight who are hopefully going to come over for a weekend of cropping fun.

So to the end of this epic post and this is the layout for the Wight Craft Circle challenge this week I hope it fits the bill ladies I really need some lessons in taking pics when you girls get over here lol maybe I might be better off asking the guru himself though the lovely Trav xxxx Hope you have enjoyed having a look around my STUDIO ladies take care .

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LadyBug said...

fab photos of the studio. but you really must stop buying those scrummy baskets!!!!! Loving the LO. please tell me Matt didn't take that photo during your trip to the island in Feb?